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Baby jewelry has become increasingly fashionable in the last ten years, even though, across the ages, there are an array of exquisite mentions celebrating the tradition of adorning tender infants with precious jewelry, a testament to their timeless charm and beauty.

Word jewelry originates from the Latin word jocale which means plaything. It looks like babies always knew that.

The art of making jewelry started in Mesopotamian kingdoms. Egyptians used gemstones because they believed in their magical powers. Greek worked with gold and silver wire, forming beautiful decorations called filigree. Romans used gold settings but placed greater emphasis on precious stones. And the story goes on.


A Journey from shell decoration to decorative Baby Jewelry

For centuries, jewelry has been part of human life. The earliest known jewelry (three little shell beads) was crafted in Israel and Algeria between 90.000 and 100.000 years ago. In those days, people made baby jewelry using an enchanting medley of shells, bits of wood and bone, animal teeth, and supple leather.

Early pieces of baby jewelry were worn for protection as well as decoration. Some of them had a specific purpose. For example, parents in Cambogia put a silver string with tiny bells on the ankles of their babies so mothers could always know where their babies were. Another purpose of this baby jewelry was to ward off evil spirits.

Throughout history, jewelry has been used for more than one reason: to show social status, wealth and power, affiliation to a particular group, and to bring protection to those who wear it. Some earlier jewelry pieces were created as purely functional items (brooches, buckles). In time, jewelry evolved into decorative magnificence.

Nowadays, we have hypoallergenic baby jewelry made from precious metals, insured with safe clasps. So, as you can see, it was a long journey from those three little shell beads to today's modern baby jewelry.

beautiful decorative baby jewelry - a small necklace decorative piece of baby jewelry - a small bracelet

Good luck charms & Baby Jewelry

baby jewelry charms - a small beautiful butterfly

One thing that never changes is Belief. That is something we carry within, a thing that keeps us going.

We believe that some objects have the power to protect and bring luck to our children and us. That is why this type of baby jewelry will always be popular. Symbols like a cross, a heart, an anchor, a key, a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, a frog, an elephant, a turtle, a dolphin, are meant to bring baby luck, love, hope, health, prosperity, etc.

Giving this kind of baby jewelry to newborns in the best way shows your good wishes and presents much more than just a simple gift.

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Are you Baby Jewelry material?

Modern jewelry is made of various kinds of precious metals. Precious metals such as gold, silver, sterling silver, platinum, pearls and gemstones, are safe materials for baby jewelry making. One more thing to pay attention to when buying gold baby jewelry is regardless of the gold you choose (white gold or yellow), it must be 14K gold.

Gold jewelry, crafted from gold alloys, is denoted by its purity stated in karats (K or kt). What does it mean?

  • 24 karat gold (24K) is 99.9% gold - PURE GOLD.
  • 22 karat gold (22K) is 91.6% gold - 22 parts gold and two parts of other metals.
  • 18 karat gold (18K) is 75% gold - 18 parts gold and six parts of other metals.
  • 14 karat gold (14K) is 58.3% gold - 14 parts gold and ten parts of other metals.
  • 10 karat gold (10K) is 41.7% gold - 10 parts gold and 14 parts of other metals.

10K gold is the minimum karat designation that can still be called gold in the US, while in the UK, that number is 9K - 37.5% gold.

The silver used in baby jewelry is usually sterling silver, which means 92.5% silver.

beautiful baby jewelry- a little butterfly baby ring lovely baby jewelry - a little baby heart pendant

Gemstones, Birthstones & Baby Jewelry - a lifetime friendship

baby gemstones and birthstones - they bring good fortune

Many precious and semiprecious stones, called gemstones, are part of baby jewelry. Each one is unique in its color and its special meaning. Amber - a bit of the Sun with the power to bring good fortune. Jade - the stone of heaven. Sapphire - a symbol of good luck.

Some of these stones are also known as birthstones. Each represents the month of the baby's birth and is believed to bring good luck. Garnet (January) - protects from evil and nightmares. Aquamarine (March) - the stone of divine beauty and love. Diamond (April) - love, romance, and eternity. Sapphire (September) - purity and faith.

Few tips when choosing Baby Jewelry

The first thing you should know is; that under the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, it is against the law to sell items containing lead as items intended for children because they are considered dangerous. So, when contemplating the purchase of baby jewelry, make sure you are buying from a reputable retailer. They should have a published statement regarding the lead content in their products. If they do not have that, call them and ask before ordering.

As we already said, precious metals like gold, silver, sterling silver, platinum, pearls, and gemstones, are safe baby jewelry materials.

Avoid plated baby jewelry as it can cause allergic reactions to the baby's skin.

When selecting a necklace, opt for a graceful piece accompanied by an extension chain. The same goes for bracelets.

Safety Earrings are also so popular baby jewelry, but first, check whether the parents plan to pierce their baby's ears.

Although children at first will not understand the meaning of their gift, they will almost certainly enjoy wearing their baby jewelry in years to come.

It is a fact - kids will always be kids. They will take anything they can get their hands on and usually put it in their mouth. So, each charm or pendent mast be securely attached. Try to stay away from anything with sharp or pointed edges. Also, avoid long necklaces (get one with an extension chain). Baby jewelry should always have safety clasps, which children cannot open.

gorgeous baby jewelry - tiny sterling silver charm bracelet

Baby Jewelry Show Time

hourglass - the symbol of transience

Could you go back to your childhood for a moment? Look at the world through the eyes of a child again. Isn't that feeling so special?

Give one tiny jewelry piece to your baby and create a lifelong memento. Teach them how to stay forever young and never stop playing. Let your children have a strong connection with the early days and keep that moment of happiness alive forever.

Your discerning eye shall find a lot of alluring treasures awaiting your choice and eager to spark joy and wonder in your heart; we did not even scratch the surface. But do not worry; everything starts with baby steps.

Please come, and allow us to introduce you to the magical world of baby jewelry. May your stay here be adorned with delightful moments, and may the allure of our abode beckon you for future visits like a cherished melody that lingers in your heart.