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Baby Earrings – A Perfect Lady from Birth

a very beautiful white gold baby necklace

One of the best ways to celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl is with a pair of beautiful baby earrings. A new girl is a bundle of joy that your family will truly cherish.

However, one of the odd things about newborns is that it can sometimes be difficult to determine the gender of a baby at a glance. It is always an awkward moment when someone accidentally calls a baby girl a boy or vice versa. That is why folks so often dress boys in blue and girls in pink.

If you decide to pierce your new baby girl’s ears, you will not have to worry about putting her in feminine outfits just so that others can determine her gender.

When she is wearing a nice pair of baby earrings, everyone will be able to instantly see that she is indeed a girl.

This practical aspect of baby earrings is one of the primary reasons parents decide to pierce their baby’s ears. However, this is just one reason among many.


Another reason that lots of people get baby earrings is because of their culture. Spanish and Latin people have a cultural heritage of piercing their newborns’ ears. In fact, one of the best gifts that a person can give at a Latin baby shower is a deluxe pair of gold or platinum baby earrings.

It is common for people not to wait an instant to pierce their newborn daughter’s ears. As soon as the baby is born, her ears will be pierced. This is done for two reasons.

The first has to do with pain. It is kind of like circumcision. Newborn boys are circumcised soon after birth so that they will not be traumatized with a memory of pain. It is the same way with piercing a newborn’s ears. She is so young that she will never remember the pain of getting her ears pierced.

Families who wait until their daughters are older will be giving them a painful memory of getting their ears pierced. When you look at it this way, baby earrings make a lot of sense.

Of course, the other reason that parents like to give newborn daughters baby earrings is to enhance their femininity. A little baby girl who is wearing a beautiful pair of baby earrings is one of the most adorable sights in the world.

Doctors say there is no problem with piercing a newborn’s ears. In fact, parents can do it right in the birthing room with the doctor’s help. It is the best way to do it to eliminate pain.

The doctor can apply a bit of topical anesthetic before the ears are pierced, which will eliminate any pain from the experience. The infant girl will be sporting a gorgeous pair of baby earrings just a few moments after she is born, allowing her to begin her new life with a wonderful aura of femininity.

Newborn baby earrings come in a wide range of styles. You can get baby earrings in precious metals like gold, white gold and sterling silver. You can get them with any kind of gemstone you wish to compliment the baby’s look.

Parents who get their babies’ ears pierced will love the compliments they garner. It is a great idea that is becoming more popular all the time.

bautiful tiny yellow gold open heart baby necklace