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Baby Necklaces – A Special Gift for Today; A Special Keepsake Forever

a very beautiful white gold baby necklace

The quest for the perfect baby gift is not an easy one. Finding a present that is a combination of both, being usable and specific, can be challenging to say the least.

So many gift items for babies get tossed aside or cast to the far corners of a closet as the baby grows. Others may be appreciated later in the baby's life, but only gather dust until the baby is old enough to appreciate them.

Everyone wants a present for a new baby that can be used now, but also remains special and useful once the baby is grown. Baby necklaces are one such gift that is perfect for when the baby is little and also a special keepsake for many years to come.

Whether given as a gift from a parent to child, grandparent to grandchild, or just as a baby shower gift for a special friend, few presents are as perfect as baby necklaces.

Also, it's so important to keep in mind the most appropriate sizes when buying them. For babies, choose 12 inches, choose 13 or 14 inches for toddlers, and for children, you can opt for 15 or 16 inches.


A Special Gift for Today: Parents can adorn their precious babies with baby necklaces from the time they are tiny newborns (safety note: never leave a baby unattended while wearing baby necklaces) well through when they are wobbly toddlers.

Perfect for a special occasion, a photo shoot, or just playing dress-up with that precious little baby, baby necklaces are certain to be used time and time again.

Though some keepsake gifts must be kept on high shelves far away from the baby, baby necklaces are an extraordinary gift that can be used on the baby immediately.

A Special Keepsake Gift Forever: In addition to using it for dressing up precious little ones, baby necklaces can be used for years and years and will forever remain a dear keepsake treasure.

Depending on the length chosen, little girls and young ladies can continue to wear their baby necklaces for important events or even as an everyday accessory.

If the chain becomes too short as children grow into adults, it is simple and affordable to have a jeweler add a bit of length to baby necklaces by adding more chains or, when applicable, additional pearls.

Another option is to have baby necklaces converted into bracelets. Many women even keep baby necklaces given to them as infants to pass on to their own daughters.

Whatever the choice of what to do with a baby necklace, it is certain to become an heirloom.

As an added bonus to this thoughtful gift that is ideal for both today and tomorrow, it is a uniquely personal gift.

bautiful tiny yellow gold open heart baby necklace

When selecting baby necklaces, givers can choose from gold, sterling silver, charms, crosses, pearls, and much more when making deciding which baby necklaces they want to give.

If the mother of the baby is still expecting, choices can be made based on the parents' personalities and preferences. If the baby is already here, choices can be made as to what best suits the baby.

Whatever the final decision is on which style of baby necklace is the right one, a baby necklace gift is one that is sure to be used for years from the moment it is opened; it stands the test of time.