Baby Huggie Earrings – So small, so elegant

If your baby's ears are pierced, baby huggie earrings can enhance your little one's look delicately. The jewelry can be given as a gift that will carry special meaning throughout your child's life, and you can even select earrings that will serve as an heirloom to pass down to future generations.

Baby huggie earrings are small hoop-shaped earrings that fit snugly into the baby's earlobe. The hoop is very short and cuffs the earlobe, making it impossible for the baby to pull the earrings out and cause injury to the ear. A number of baby huggie earrings are made from gold, silver or platinum; however, there are some varieties that feature precious stones, including birthstones.

If your baby is a little older and able to wear baby huggie earrings that are not extremely small, you may want to choose jewelry pieces that feature stones or charms in the shape of hearts, stars or butterflies.

Finally, ensuring that baby huggie earrings are safe for your little one is of the utmost importance before you make your jewelry purchase. For instance, choose huggie earrings with a post that is formulated for child-sized jewelry. Also, earrings that are made from pure precious metals will likely be best for your baby, as plated or synthetic jewelry could cause your baby's ears to become red or irritated.