Baby Stud Earrings – A Beautiful Tradition

Showcasing your little one's femininity with wonderfully crafted baby stud earrings is a time-honored tradition that will imbue your baby with charm.

Although there are many reasons to have a baby's ears pierced, one of the most common reasons to have baby stud earrings placed in a child's ears is to distinguish male from female. Small, beautiful earrings are a cultural hallmark of females, and piercing the ears of a little one declares to all the world she is a feminine beauty.

Other parents may simply adore the look of polished, reflective jewelry adorning their sweet baby.

Caring for baby stud earrings is really quite simple. Once the ears are pierced in a sterile environment, the parent needs to clean the front and back of the studs twice a day with alcohol or specially formulated antiseptic.

The earrings also need to be rotated every day to keep the holes clean and free of debris. Quality studs made from precious metals are the best for baby's ears and are beautiful in a small child's lobes. This tender care will ensure all eyes remain on your baby's beautiful face rather than red, swollen ears.

Whatever your reason for piercing your little one's ears with baby stud earrings, there are many wonderful options from which to choose. A beautiful pair of earrings lovingly cared for will enhance your child's beauty and femininity.