Baby Birthstone Earrings – A Jewelry Keepsake

Parents who choose to have their baby girl's ears pierced often choose baby birthstone earrings as her first pair. These glittering jewels not only provide a pretty style for a baby girl but also give her something to treasure for many years to come.

Baby birthstone earrings are small precious gemstones on hypoallergenic posts specially made for a baby's small earlobes. The birthstones come in a wide variety of colors, each one representing the month the baby was born in. Along with other memorabilia of the birth, such as announcement cards and the hospital wristband, baby birthstone earrings can become jewelry keepsakes your daughter will treasure forever.

A baby is unable to choose the style of earrings she likes best, and it is important to use ones that will not cause infection, allergic reaction, or pull on clothing or hair when a baby moves. Parents must choose styles that are specifically designed for babies. 14k gold is best. Avoid nickel as some people have allergies to it. The earrings should have short posts with secure backs.

When it comes to style, baby birthstone earrings have come a long way since the simple solitaire gem stud. Parents can find jewelry styles that look like delicate flowers, heart-shaped stones, and even hoops with gemstone accents. Whatever you choose, your daughter will be glad to have her baby birthstone earrings as a jewelry keepsake forever.