White Gold Baby Earrings – Precious Jewelry

White gold baby earrings are not only adorable and come in a wide selection of styles and colors, but they are also sentimental keepsakes to be treasured.

Gold need not be just yellow. White gold is not a shiny white metal; it consists of different amounts of yellow gold mixed with one or more white metals. The purpose of the metals is to add durability and strength to yellow gold and also lighten its color to silver.

The most common white metals that create the white gold alloy are Platinum, Nickel, Palladium, and Manganese. Since one in eight people has an allergic reaction to Nickel, most manufacturers avoid it in today’s baby jewelry. Therefore, be sure that the white gold baby earrings you purchase are 100 percent Nickel free and will not cause allergic reactions in the baby's sensitive skin.

These gorgeous earrings are in styles that babies and their parents will love. Diamonds, birthstones for each month, and pearls are popular suggestions, or even cubic zirconias if the price is an issue. Flower heart earrings have a flower on each earring that is engraved by hand. There are butterflies and crosses and much more. Safety comfort screw-on backs in 14KT white gold with shorter posts perfect for tiny ears complete the picture.

White gold baby earrings make excellent gifts for the young members of your family or good friends when you are in need of a present for a special occasion.